The Most Ingenious Vaping Flavours We have Ever Seen!

Vaping and E-cigarettes would have to go down as one of the most effective, methods of quitting smoking to exist, it is much safer and allows you to customize and choose your favorite vape juice flavors and nicotine percentages to ensure you never touch cigarettes again and make your way to leading a healthier lifestyle. The fact that you can reduce and increase your nicotine levels to suit your needs and effectively deal with any of your cravings means that it is very effective for those of you that want to gradually quit smoking and wean yourself off nicotine products completely.  

As vaping has grown to be so popular it makes sense that the companies producing them would invest so much time and money in creating unique and tasty flavors to increase their overall profits. The amount of vape users is gradually increasing as more and more people are looking for ways to quit smoking and preserve their body, as you are able to choose your preferred flavors within your vape juice you are more likely to stick to it if you are smoking something you enjoy. Some of the flavors to be produced are actually very interesting with many taking inspiration from some of the world’s most popular foods and drinks. If you are looking to try a new flavor then the Shmizz V2 disposable vape could be the best choice as they are so affordable and can be used to test new flavors before you go ahead and add it to your expensive vape setup.  

Rhubarb and Custard

A very popular new flavor of vape juice to be released would be the rhubarb and custard flavor, this sweet treat has been a classic flavor combination for many people over the years. Within desserts and boiled sweets, most people tend to enjoy this combination of sour fruit with the sweet vanilla custard and its inclusion in vape juices is no exception to this popularity. Rhubarb and custard vape juices have been very popular amongst regular vape juices with many brands now carrying the flavor, the only thing to look out for is the quality of the brand as the cheaper ones can have low-quality ingredients and chemicals within them so that they can be sold at a cheaper rate.


Another very fresh and fruity flavor that would be better suited to those of you that prefer a more vibrantly flavored vape would have to be tropical. Many brands have added some form of exotic and tropical fruits to their flavor list as they have been doing very well in terms of sales recently. Many retailers stock a flavor like this so if it sounds like something you would enjoy I would definitely recommend that you keep an eye out for this one.  

Bakewell Tart

 It seems like the flavors that have taken inspiration from existing sweet treats and desserts are the vape juices that have been doing well recently, this English classic dessert is another flavor combination that includes notes of sour from the cherry and the sweetness of the marzipan, this flavor has proven to be very popular with many major vape juice retailers.  

Key Lime Pie

 This dessert flavor of vape juice is another combination of sour and sweet, many people enjoy the fruit aspect in combination with sweet as it makes for a very well-rounded and tasty vape, that can be enjoyed by many different people no matter their preference. As it has grown to be so popular this flavor can be found in many different stores and it should be too much of a task to track down.