Our Cooking Guide to Making the Perfect Roast Dinner

British cuisine is often considered dull and unvaried by other nations. But this is simply because Britain does not make use of bright and colored foods or exotic spices. Instead, we focus on practical and tasty foods that provide incredible flavors with plenty of options for customization in the cooking process.

And no dish best exemplifies British cuisine than the traditional roast dinner. No matter where in the world you go, you literally cannot find a better roast dinner than in England. The Sunday roast is a staple for many families across the UK.

Years of experience have led Britain to essentially perfecting the roast dinner. And today we are going to pass the secrets of making a perfect roast onto you. Including some new ideas that you could experiment with if you want to change things up.

Picking the Perfect Meat

The main part of any roast is the meat. There is no one right answer when making this selection. It all comes down to your personal preference. Lamb? Beef? Chicken? The big three. Each with its own merits. But the first thing you need to make sure you’re doing is buying fresh proper meat. We recommend using a local butcher if possible. Both to support the local economy and it ensures you are getting only the finest, juiciest cuts of meat.

You always want to make sure your meat is room temp and basted before you put it in the oven at all. And you will want to ensure you are using enough seasoning to avoid bland-tasting meat. Again this mainly falls down to preference.

In recent years there has been an increasing trend of putting some CBD oil into the pan when roasting the meat. CBD oil doesn’t have an overpowering taste but the effects of CBD are proven to be only beneficial. You can even set aside a separate cut of meat and use cbd oil for dogs if you are used to feeding the house dog. If you want to take your roast to the next level we highly recommend experimenting with CBD.

The Roast Potatoes

The next most important part of the roast is the potatoes. For some people, these are the main event. Nothing goes down better than a nice fluffy roast potato that has been cooked to perfection. A great way to really make them crisp just right is to use goose fat. And you will want to make sure you pick a good oil as well to get the insides fluffy.

We recommend you don’t go too crazy on the seasoning with the potatoes. A few bits here and there will be good, but the goose fat will do most of the work. And once people add their own gravy and salt and pepper at the table, they will have plenty of flavor without being overpowering.

The Veggies

No roast is complete without an assortment of veggies to go alongside it. You could go with the bog-standard carrots and peas, great choices for families with fussy eaters. Or you could spruce it up a bit and opt for parsnips and cauliflower with cheese. Two dishes that really elevate any roast.

With cauliflower and cheese, you need to make sure you are getting the right consistency. If you put too much cheese in and for too long it will go watery and then you will just have a soggy dish that no one wants. Make sure to give them lots of attention to ensure they don’t go wrong.