Juicing For Beginners

Do you have any prior knowledge on juicing? It can sound as simple as this but instead of figuring out with trial and error why not check out this short guide on juicing for beginners.

Here are 10 tips on juicing you should know:

  • Don’t Complicate Things

Some of you might try to juice a lot of fruits at once to see if you can create a nice fruit shake just like those you can buy from shops like Boost. Although the thought of this sounds interesting, it can make things too complicated for a beginner. Sometimes the clash of tastes and flavour will make a very unpleasant juice to drink.

The best thing to do is to juice a few fruits or vegetables in one go. You don’t have to juice 5 or 6 different vegetables of fruits to get a glass of delicious tasting juice. You might enjoy tasting the subtle differences between 3 different fruits blended together in one juice. If you are juicing vegetables, try juicing 3 different types and wrap it around an apple to get the best results.

  • Preparing Fruits to Juice

This may sound like a bad idea because not all fruits are the same. Fruits like apples and cherries usually have seeds and stems. Seeds in fruits can give a bitter taste to your juice which doesn’t sound really nice. There are also certain parts of your fruits like the carrot stump that you certainly don’t want to add into your juice. Think of it this way… If you won’t eat that part, remove it before juicing. Some fruits may have hard pits like cherries. Hard pits may get stuck in your juicer and lead to problems with juice quantity. The rule is to remove hard pits before juicing. Finally, clean fruits and vegetables before juicing.

  • Add Apples To Your Vegetable Juice

When you are blending vegetables, you will only get the raw taste of vegetables. This might not appeal to some people hence adding apples as a sweetener can make quite a difference in the overall taste. Try this at home and see if you like it. Remember that not all fruits agree with vegetable juice. You can try carrots if you want but in general adding apples is pretty safe.

  • Wrap Veges Around Fruits Before Juicing

Throwing a bunch of spinach or wheat grass will not do you any good when using normal juicers. You will be very disappointed that your Jack Lalanne or Breville juicer will not produce much juice from veges simply because they are not designed to do so. Masticating or Triturating Juicers are best used for juicing veges. But if you don’t have the funds to buy masticating or triturating juicer, you will need to wrap them up around a piece of sliced fruit before juicing for best results. In this case, you might find that your juice is more of a puree than juice.

Alternatively, just ball them up so that they look like a piece of fruits before juicing.

  • Don’t Juice The Same Thing All the Time!

If you want to juice for your health and live a healthy lifestyle you need a variety of nutrients and minerals. Different fruits and vegetables have different composition of nutrients for your body. Try to make a change to an ingredient every time you juice to make it a little more interesting. You definitely don’t want to get bored of drinking the same type of juice.

  • Use This Lemon Trick To Prevent Color Changes in Your Fruits

Some of you may have noticed that your freshly made juice changes colour overnight. To solve this problem, just add 2 teaspoons of fresh lemon juice and your juice will stay the same colour

  • Some Fruits Won’t Turn Into Juice

Fruits like bananas will not turn into juice. You will probably get more of a puree consistency rather than a liquid form of juice. Try blending bananas and any other fruit together, you will definitely get a smoothie-like consistency.

  • Hate Pulp? Try This Solution

I’m not sure why would anyone not like pulp in their juice. I reckon that it is healthier to have pulp in your juice than not have any. Anyway, if you want a clean glass of juice without any trace of pulp, use a coffee filter.

  • Explore More Juicing Options

Juicing is meant to be fun and interesting. You don’t necessarily have to stick to a single recipe for juicing. Like I’ve mentioned before, vary your recipes and ingredients. Try adding/subtracting/replacing certain ingredients and see if you like the results. Also ask around from people who have more experienced than you in juicing. Of course, check out recipes online if you run out of any ideas on juicing.

  • Drink Juice To Control Your Eating Habits!

Some of you might like this one… Did you know that freshly made juice has a lot of fiber content? If you want to eat less, a glass of freshly made juice gives you the feeling of fullness. Therefore, you should drink before you eat preferably about 1.5 hours before your meals.


So go ahead and Enjoy Juicing!!