7 Of the Most Romantic Recipes Perfect for Date Night

There are many things that are important when it comes to making a relationship work, they’re never easy but if you’re willing to put the work in then relationships can work and feel magical. If you’ve just got into a new relationship and you’re trying to figure out if it seems like it is going to be long term and worthwhile then on one of your first date nights you can take the love language test for couples to see how compatible you and your new potential partner are. Other exciting date nights include going to see new movies you’re both looking forward to at the cinema, meals out, long walks, or picnics in the park. However, the most popular date night has become a romantic night at home with some great food. Not only is this a cheaper idea than a meal out, but it is often also more intimate as it is just you and your partner with no distractions. The hardest part of a romantic meal at home is deciding what to cook for your partner so we’ve found 7 of the most romantic meals for you to cook on date night. 


Garlic & Chili Prawns

Whilst it may not seem like the ideal romantic date night recipe as no one wants garlic smelling breath when on a date but this meal is so delicious that we had to include it here. This is a great idea if you were meant to be cooking for date night but you were busy with your week and forgot about it as this meal can be cooked in less than 10 minutes so your partner never has to know that you forgot. 



Chicken in a Bag

This is a romantic recipe that is ideal for any couple who both have busy schedules and struggle to find the time to cook a romantic meal for each other. This recipe can be prepared in advance so you can come home from work and just put it in the oven. To make this dish feel more sophisticated you can pair it with mushrooms and thyme to make it more delicious and it goes great with a glass of wine. 


Stilton & Pair Gnocchi

Gnocchi is usually seen as a simple dish but if you pair it with the right ingredients then it can be a delicious dish. Gnocchi is soft and this paired with the sweetness of pair and delicious and powerfully flavored blue cheese is a great combination. As many people are now vegetarian, we had to include a vegetarian-friendly dish that would be great for you and your partner.  


Moroccan Prawns

Prawns are one of the most popular seafood dishes as they have such a distinct and amazing taste. To make this dish more romantic the best things to pair it with are pomegranate for some additional sweetness and chili for a little bit of a kick, if you and your partner aren’t the best at eating spicy food make sure not to add too much chili. 


Lobster Mac & Cheese

Mac and Cheese is a classic dish that everyone enjoys, but to make this dish even tastier a great ingredient to pair it with is lobster. This is extremely easy to make as you make mac and cheese how you usually would but throw in some chunks of lobster and cook it all together and remember the cheesier the better. 


Seafood Pasta

Seafood pasta is another dish that is easy to prepare but has so much flavor packed into it that it’s hard to believe it’s so easy to make. There are many ingredients that you can include in seafood pasta but our favorites include adding in shrimps, clams, scallops, and mussels. If you want to be a bit riskier you can also try adding bacon-wrapped scallops. 




Roasted Beet Salad

If you and your partner are trying to stick to a strict diet then roasted beet salad is an extremely healthy meal for your date night. Beets are delicious and so healthy, pair them with your favorite salad and some feta cheese and you’ve got a delicious meal that won’t be too many calories.