4 Fantastic Dishes Native to the Netherlands

The Netherlands has many amazing things to offer to both those who live there and those who want to travel there and experience the culture. It’s a great place to live or visit as it’s one of the countries that has legalized weed, allowing people to smoke in coffee shops, it’s home to the Anne Frank museum that remembers the sad story of what happened to the Frank family during the war, it also has fun attractions such as the Amsterdam dungeons, the beautiful tulip fields, the Amsterdam swing, and the red-light district. The Netherlands is a great place to visit and one of the top tourist things to do is to buy some great souvenirs, there is everything from finding een geweldig cadeau voor 2-jarige meisjes to finding amazing gifts for your 80-year-old grandparents. On top of the amazing sights and attractions, it is also home to some great dishes, we’ve found 4 of the best dishes that are native to the Netherlands.  


Haring is the most famous and most popular dish that is native to the Netherlands. If you’re a fan of fish then you will love this dish and you definitely have to try it at least once. In the Netherlands haring is served raw and it is served with chopped raw onions and gherkins for some extra taste. As this is the most popular meal there is also a tradition related to how to eat it, in the Netherlands haring is eaten by lifting the herring up by the tail into the air and taking a bite of it like that, so if you try this dish make sure you eat it traditionally.  



Stroopwafel is another very famous dish from the Netherlands, it is a popular pastry, and it is a very unique kind of cookie. This dish is a waffle, but it is made differently from a standard waffle as it is made from baked batter and cut horizontally. These waffles are used as two thin layers and in between is a delicious sticky syrup that adds most of the flavor. These have been one of the favorite dishes since the late 18th Century. 


This is the most popular dish in the Netherlands, rather than it being a full meal it is a great snack and one that people eat most days in the Netherlands. A kroket is a deep-fried roll, on the inside is a slice of meat, usually, it is beef or veal but it can also be different flavors like chicken satay and the outside is covered in breadcrumbs. As a meal, it is served on bread or a hamburger bun. 




Patat is the Dutch version of French fries and is a favorite among residents and tourists alike. The difference is that they’re thicker than the standard French fry and they come with many different sauces including standards sauce such as mayonnaise and ketchup or sauces like curry and peanut sauce.